Day Eighteen: The Promise of Eternal Life

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”  John 3:16

Each of us at some point in our lives have lost someone we loved. Whether because of old age, health issues, tragic accident, miscarriage, or suicide, death is extremely hard.  Emotions are like a roller coaster during this grieving time.  We go from sad to angry to confused to sad to angry to confused.  Up down, up down, up down.  When will I be happy again?  When will I be able to smile again?

And then we begin to question why this happened.  Why did God allow this to happen?  If God is all powerful then why did He not stop it?  God can do anything so why did my loved one have to die?  These are such deep questions and ones that we all want the answers to.

I wish I had an answer to give you.  I wish there was a perfect answer for each of these questions.  I wish I could tell you why God allowed this to happen.  But I can’t.  No one can.  And this is where our faith in the Lord has to kick in.

When we believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior, we are believing that He was sent to this earth to die for us so we could live eternally.  We all know the John 3:16 verse listed above.  It’s probably the most famous passage of Scripture, and the most memorized one, too.  In this verse we know that God sent Jesus, His Son, to die for us.  God says that if we believe in Jesus as our Savior then we will be able to spend eternity with Him in heaven.

Every time I read this verse I want to cry. The fact that God loves and cares for us so much that He was willing to sacrifice His own Son is overwhelming.  God sent Jesus to take on the sins of every person in this world so that each of us could spend eternity with Him.  Death is inevitable on this earth because we are mortal, but when we know Jesus as our Savior then death is not the end.  It’s just the beginning of our everlasting life with God in heaven.

When a loved one dies, I might question God and be angry at Him, but I am so thankful for the promise He gives us of eternal life.  It’s then that I can find peace and hope in knowing that I will see my loved one, especially if I know they believe in Jesus as their Savior.

My grandmother died when I was 21 years old.  I miss her so very much.  So often I think of her and remember something she said or did for me.  I remember her laughter and her smile.  I remember her kind heart and how much she loved others. I remember how she used to always send me $10 the first of every month for my “monthly birthday”.  But what I remember the most about her is that she was one of the people in my life who taught me about Jesus and who showed me how to love as Jesus loved. She was someone who loved Jesus so much.  I find peace in knowing that one day I will be reunited with my grandmother and we will get to spend eternity together.

My prayer for you is that you first and foremost know Jesus Christ as your Savior.  I want you to be able to spend eternity in heaven.  I want you to believe in this promise from God that you will have eternal life when you believe in Jesus Christ and what He did for you.  And then I want you to make sure you tell others about Him.  Don’t keep this a secret.  Shout His name everywhere you go so that others can experience the love of Jesus and spend eternity with Him.

Prayer:  Everlasting Father, thank you so very much for the promise of eternal life.  Thank you for sending Jesus to save us.  We ask that you touch the hearts of those who are grieving today.  May they experience Your calming peace and may they find hope in knowing their loved one believed in Jesus and is in heaven with You.  Thank you Father, for your love.  In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.


  1. Who are you grieving today?
  2. What brings you peace when someone you know dies?
  3. What do you most look forward to in heaven?

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