Ebenezer Moments

This morning in my quiet time with God, the devotional was on 1 Samuel 7:5-13 (Enjoy the Silence by Duffy Robbins).  In this passage of Scripture, Samuel assembles all of Israel at Mizpah.  It is here that they confess their sins before the Lord and fast.  Meanwhile the Philistines are ready to attack them and the Israelites become afraid, but Samuel says don’t stop crying out for God to save us.  Then he offers a lamb as a burnt offering to God.  During this time the Israelites rush out and defeat the Philistines.  Samuel decides to take a stone and set it up and “named it Ebenezer, saying ‘Thus far the Lord has helped us’.”  1 Samuel 7:12

The devotion goes on to ask us to reflect on our “Ebenezer moments”.  When was there a time in your life where God worked great things for you?  In what ways did God help you in that time?  

I began to reflect on the past 38 years of my life.  There are so many “Ebenezer moments”, but the one that really started it all was the day I felt called to the ministry.  It was June of 1996.  I was a counselor at Camp Glisson (the United Methodist Church Camp for the North GA Conference).  I had senior high girls that week.  I always loved the high school week! Glisson We were sitting on the Dining Hall Porch doing an activity and all of a sudden I felt God speaking to me and telling me that I was to do this for the rest of my life.  I was to serve Him by serving children and youth and telling them about Him.  It was a powerful moment for me and one that I have not forgotten.  It started the pursuing of a life of serving God in the ministry.   Things have not been easy, to say the least, but God doesn’t promise us that. What God does promise is that He will always be with us.  God had been preparing me for that moment when He called me.  Everything that happened in my life before that was ordained by God.  I see that as an Ebenezer moment because “Thus far the Lord has helped me”.  He had given me so much in my life that helped me be willing to accept that call from Him:  great parents who raised me in the church, grandparents who set a good example of devotion to God, a loving church family who guided me and taught me about God and His Word, a church camp that I loved as a child and which would be the setting of my calling later on.  So many things that God used to help me.  It was a very defining Ebenezer moment
in my life.

My Ebenezer plaque

The last question asked:  “If there were a plaque with an inscription on that monument, what would it say?”    For me, that plaque would look something like this:

What is your Ebenezer moment?  That defining moment in your life where God helped you?  I would love for you to share that with us!

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