God’s Plans Are Bigger

No, not me, Lord.  I am not qualified enough.  I don’t have a degree in that and even though I love you, I’m not so sure I can do this.  I just don’t feel that I have what it takes to do that for you.

Do these words sound familiar?

I know I have spoken these to God before.  Several times.  And I’m ashamed to say I doubted God and His ability to use me in ways that I could have never imagined.

The first time I spoke those was when I was 19 years old.  I felt the Lord calling me into the ministry, but I did not want to go.  I had big plans to be a physical therapist.  And as you all can see…I am not a physical therapist.  God’s plans for me were bigger than the plans I had laid out.

The most recent time I have felt unsure of what God was calling me to do was several years ago when I felt the call to write.  Now, let me just tell you all that I grew up with a grandmother who was a former English teacher…but her love for reading and writing wasn’t in me when I was younger.  I didn’t care anything about writing and usually hated it when she edited my papers.

So, when I felt God calling me to write, I questioned Him.  My excuses were “I have a Psychology degree, not an English one.  I don’t like to write.  Why would anyone want to hear what I have to say?  I am not eloquent with words.  I don’t have the training like other writers have.  There is no way I could write like most other writers.”

I spilled all those excuses out before the Lord and He took everyone of them and tossed them out the window.  God reminded me of Moses’ calling from Exodus 4.  Moses didn’t want to speak before Pharaoh and God said, “Now go, and I will be with your mouth and teach you what you are to speak.” 


Since that call, God has been showing me what to write…one of those being to write my story.  I have finally finished the book I believe God called me to write.  I listened and obeyed.  Whatever happens with this book is in God’s hands.  I am just thankful that I got out of the way and followed God’s calling.

Friends, I tell you this because you may be doubting your abilities in what God has asked of you.  You may not think you are qualified enough.  But, as Mark Batterson says on page 78, “The issue is never, ‘Are you qualified?’ The issue is always, ‘Are you called?'”

If God has called you then you better believe that He has already equipped you with the abilities to do it.  His call for you may stretch way beyond what you believe you can do.  You may feel there is no way you could ever do what He has asked of you.  But, I encourage you to pray circles around that call.  Don’t doubt.  Only listen, obey, and believe.

The plan you have mapped out for your life may not be the one that God has chosen.  I know this because it happened to me.  We need to let go of our plans so that we can fulfill the purpose and calling God has for our life.  I love this quote from Mark Batterson from page 71, “He allows our small plans to fail so that His big dream for us can prevail.”  IMG_8027

Is God calling?  Let go of the grip you have on your plans, follow God, and watch Him bless you.

Journal Questions

  1.  Read Exodus 4:1-17.  Why was Moses hesitant in doing what God asked him to do?  What can you learn from this story?
  2.  Has God called you to something, but you have doubted and not listened?  Why do you doubt God?  Write out the excuses you have given the Lord.
  3. Take the excuses you have written and ask God to forgive you.  As you pray, take a Sharpie and mark through each one.  This is a good visual for you to remember that you have sought forgiveness and God has marked them out and has forgiven you.

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