I Don’t Want to Tell God

Truth is harder than a lie.  Dark seems safer than the light.  Everyone has a heart that loves to hide.  

Fear of Sharing Your Heart with God (2)Oh, isn’t this so true?  These are lyrics from Francesca Battestelli’s song “If We’re Honest”.  A song that I love and that really spoke to me when I began thinking about the fear I am sharing with you this month.

Fear of sharing your heart.  How many of us are afraid of sharing our heart?  With others, probably so, but what about with God?

How many times have you done something you shouldn’t have and you are embarassed by it, ashamed of it, and wanting to hide it and not tell anyone?  You especially don’t want to tell God.  Oh man, you REALLY don’t want to tell God.  You know God will be disappointed and you don’t want to face Him.  You’re afraid.

Well, let me just let you in on a little secret….God already knows.

Yes, I know God already knows, but I still don’t want to tell him.  I just don’t.  I can’t talk to Him because I’m just too ashamed.

A lot of times that becomes our way of thinking when we do something wrong.  We don’t want to face the only One who can offer us what we need.  We build up walls around our heart and keep those things inside.  We don’t take them to the Lord.  We don’t share them at all.  We just let them sit inside our heart.

And the walls between us and God keep getting bigger.wall

And bigger.

And bigger.

And bigger.

Until we can’t see over it at all.

All because we were afraid to share our heart with God.

And then we begin to think there is nothing on the other side of that wall.  God doesn’t care.   He’s not there.  He got tired of waiting so he moved on to someone else.

But, do you really want to know what’s on the other side of that wall?

It’s God, ready with a bucket to splash you and soak you in His forgiveness and mercy.  It’s God, waiting there for you with open arms, longing to sweep you up and tell you that He loves you.  It’s God, the One who never left you.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.   James 4:8

One of the ways we can draw near to God is by talking and confessing everything to Him, and by telling him our hopes and our dreams.  We draw near to God by sharing our hearts with Him.

That’s all He wants.

Let us approach (God) with a true heart in full assurance of faith, with our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water.    Hebrews 10:22

If you’ve been afraid of approaching God, of confessing your sins to Him, or even just being near Him, I encourage you to let go of that fear. Share your heart with God.  He longs for you to be near Him.  He wants to wash away all of your sins.  He wants to take that bucket of water and rinse the fear, the shame, the doubt, and the lies from your heart.  He wants to wash you clean.

One of the ways I find helpful in sharing my heart with God is by writing Him a letter.  When I sit down and write out all the things that are on my heart that I want to share with God, I feel free.  I don’t know what it is about writing, but it helps break down those walls that I have built between myself and God.

Right now, I want you to grab a pen and some paper.  Go find a quiet place and sit down.  Spend a few moments in silence.  Then put your pen to the paper and let your heart flow.  Write away to God.  Tell Him all the things that have been on your heart that you have been too afraid to share.  Even though God knows everything about you, He still wants you to talk to Him.

Once you’re finished, just sit in silence again.  Allow God to speak to you.  Hear all that He is saying to you.

Isn’t it so cool to hear God speaking to you?  Imagine how cool He thinks it is when you open your heart and share with Him.

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