Lessons from a 21-Day Fast

For the past 21 days I have been fasting.  No, I’m not talking about a fasting from food (which would be so hard).  This fast was from that which distracts me from seeking the Lord and doing what He has called me to do.

For me, the distraction comes in the form of social media and television.  I can really waste some time sitting on Facebook reading everyone’s posts and looking at all their pictures. And television is a distraction because for the past few months I have been binge watching some Blue Bloods.  I love a good cop drama and I guess I secretly like Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg!

So, I gave up all social media and tv for 21 days.  And believe me when I say that this fast was difficult.  The urge to jump on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter was very much alive and it took all I had not to do it.  And well, Blue Bloods had to be put on hold.  I’m sure I’ll catch up on the NYC cop drama soon.

So why did I do this fast?  If you read my last post, then you’ll see that after listening to a Louie Giglio sermon (The Pinata and the Iceberg), I felt convicted and decided to accept his challenge to fast for 21 days of that which distracts us from the Lord.  I have not been faithful to the Lord and doing what I know He wants me to do.

What does He want you to do, you ask?

He wants me to write a book.

Not a big task at all…said no one ever.

I have procrastinated and dreamed about writing it.  But I have failed to actually be consistent in my writing.  I’ll let months go by before I ever open the file on my computer and start writing.  I want to, but I just don’t.  And I can’t drop any good excuses on the table for it.  All I can say is that I have been lazy.

Here are the lessons I learned from my fast:

  1.  God speaks all the time.  My problem is that I’m not always listening.  The first thing I did in my fast was to dive into the Scripture.  In each verse I read I found the one and only true God speaking to me from those pages. Even from stories that I have read many times.  Why have I never caught that verse before?  I love how I can feel His Presence through His breath on a page.  God speaks in His Word
  2.  Let go of laziness and procrastination.  One of the hardest things to do when you write a book is to get started writing a chapter. You need a good outline before you begin.  For chapter 8 of my book I was struggling to get started.  Then God led me to the story of Abram’s calling and as I read Genesis 12 and dissected it, God showed me the outline for chapter 8.  And friends, the words for that chapter flowed easily from the outline He gave.  I finished that chapter in two weeks! That’s by far the fastest I have been able to write a chapter.  The completion of that chapter so motivated me to begin a good outline for chapter 9. The outline is formed and I already have begun writing in this chapter. It feels so good to do what God asks of me.  Why did I ever let laziness and procrastination get in the way?  Am I unwilling to follow the calling He has placed on my heart?  Will I continue to let those two things get in my way?

My answer…No Way.

I am reading Beth Moore’s latest book called Audacious.  In this book she talks about having an audacious love for the Lord and fully serving Him.  Do we love Him audaciously? Do we have the audaciousness to be obedient to His will?  I love this quote from her:

“Audacious love leads to audacious obedience.  And sooner or later, audacious obedience leads to blessing.”  (Moore, p. 65)

I want to be a woman who loves the Lord audaciously.  I want to be a woman who follows the Lord without question.  I want to be a woman who has the boldness to step out in faith and go where God leads and do what God calls me to do.  I want to be that audaciously, obedient woman.

This fast has stirred my blood.  It has got me on fire.  It makes me want to speak out more about His love and faithfulness to us.  Why keep inside what God has done for me?  Others need to hear.  I can only pray that each day God will open doors for me to share Him with others and that I will not miss the opportunity to spread His love.

I can’t help but sing the hymn, Pass It On, as I think about being audacious.

“I’ll shout it from the mountaintop…PRAISE GOD!  I want the world to know.  The Lord of love has come to me, I want to pass it on.”

Pass it on, my friends.  Be bold.  Be audacious.  Go tell the world about God’s great love and continue to seek the Lord each and every day.  Blessings will abound when we are obedient and seek God, our Heavenly Father.

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2 thoughts on “Lessons from a 21-Day Fast

  1. Really enjoyed your post! Listened to Louie’s message too: now one of my all-time favorites! In my last class at Candler, we were introduced to Pat Schneider. I highly recommend “Writing Alone and With Others.”

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