KidMin Conference Day One

The KidMin Conference in Columbus, OH has started off with a bang!  This is my first kidmin imageexperience coming to the KidMin Conference, which is a children’s ministry conference hosted by Group Publishing.  I am having a blast so far!  I want to blog every night about my experiences each day so I hope you enjoy reading about how God is working in my life this weekend.

kidmin 3
Katie, Becca, and I being superheroes!

First of all, I have enjoyed meeting so many new people.  It all started in the Atlanta airport.  I noticed a woman sitting across from us.  She was carrying a Thirty-One bag just like me.  Then I noticed the KidMin brochure in her bag and our conversation just started from there.   Then I met another lady on the shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel.  Both of these ladies have become friends and we hang out and eat together and it’s awesome!  I am also enjoying getting to know my friends that I came with a little better (Katie and Becca).  We aren’t in the same churches, but are in the same conference in the United Methodist Church.  And what’s really cool is that we are going through different things in our life, but we all know that we can pray for each other.  We just had a prayer session in our room, too!  Really awesome!

kidmin 4
Me, Becca, and our new Aussie friend, Sandra!

This morning I did one of the pre-conferences:  The Garden Getaway Retreat.  It was just for women and led by Amy Nappa & Brenna.  What a wonderful time just spent talking about different seasons of our life, totally based on Ecclesiastes 3.  I got to be in a group with someone from Australia.  So enjoyed hearing her story and getting to know her.  The one word that came out of this pre-conference for me was “refreshment”.  I read that word in my quiet time with God first thing this morning and then heard it repeated in this retreat.  I am here to refresh my soul in the Lord.  What a wonderful day it has been too!

The first general session started tonight and it did not disappoint!  It began with fun games with David & Shannon!  And it was very cool to see one of my tweets on the big screen!  Then Roddy Chong came out to speak.  I could so relate to his story.   Roddy is very talented on the violin and he has performed with Jars of Clay, Shania Twain, and Celine Dion.  I can’t relate to the music part, but I can relate to just letting go and letting God be “my agent”:  to be in charge of things and not worry about anything.  See, I feel called to write.  I have been blogging for a year now, I’ve written some articles (one that got published in KidzMatter magazine back in early 2014), and now I am writing some of my own curriculum for our Sunday night children’s program.  Lately I have been hearing God telling me to “write my story”.  I feel called to write a book (or books).  Funny thing is that I have always hated to write.  Never liked it growing up.  Hated English classes and having to write papers.  But now, I LOVE IT!!!  My mind is constantly churning with ideas of what to write.  I carry a  notebook around with me so that I can jot down those ideas when they come.  Roddy said that he hated taking violin lessons as a child, but now he loves it.  I hated writing in my younger days, but now i love it!  He also said that his phrase has become:  “Let’s go Lord!”.  What a great phrase because I am ready to go Lord!

The Skit Guys came out next and had us all doubled over laughing!  Love those guys!  At the end, Christy Nockels came out to lead us in worship.  What an amazing voice she has!  I have seen her sing many times since we both live in Georgia and I’m always touched by her songs.  What really spoke to me tonight was her song “Let It Be”.  The verse that got me was:  “For me to live is Christ.  God I breathe your name above everything.  Let it be, let it be my Jesus.”  I want everything I do and say to speak the name of Jesus.  I don’t want to do anything for myself, but want to give God the glory in all I do.  I pray that my life speaks the name of Jesus.

kidmin 2
The North Georgia Conference KidMin folks at dinner tonight. Plus, our 2 new friends from Kansas and Pennsylvania!

Today has been an amazing day!  I have laughed and cried and worshiped.   I am ready for tomorrow and all the learning and worshiping I will get to do.  If you see me, come introduce  yourself!  I want to meet you so that I can hear your story, too.  My prayers are with all of you here this weekend.

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