Share Jesus in a Letter

Back then we didn’t have the internet.  We just shared Jesus by writing letters and using cassette tapes.

This was said by a man named Oscar who grew up in El Salvador and has lived in the U.S. for the past 45 years.  He and his wife have a heart for sharing Jesus with others.  He said when they first arrived in the U.S., communication, obviously, was nothing like it is today. One of the ways they shared Jesus was by writing letters and recording themselves speaking onto cassette tapes.  Then they would share those with friends and family members.

Praise the Lord!Jesus Loves You! (2)My Aunt Donna was another person who shared Jesus through her letters.  She lives in Illinois so we didn’t see her much growing up, but she would always send us letters and even make us a few things.  At the end of every letter she would write:  “Praise the Lord!  Jesus loves you!”  And I mean every letter had that in there.  She didn’t just sometimes share it.  She shared it every time.  I always loved getting letters from her when I was a kid.  She continues to share Jesus with everyone today, too.  Her dedication to sharing Jesus with others is truly amazing.

Oscar and Donna remind me of Paul in the Bible.  Paul wrote letters to people in many different cities and he shared Jesus in those letters.   He did not let distance stop him or even prison.  He wrote and wrote and wrote so others could be encouraged by the words that God told him to write.

You can be like Paul, Oscar, and Donna, too, and share Jesus through letters.  Since our digital world is so much bigger these days, snail mail has slowed down, but it isn’t gone.  I encourage you to share Jesus with someone today.  That could be a child in your ministry, your parents, your children, your spouse, an old friend, or a co-worker.  Just sit down and pull out a piece of paper and write what’s on your heart.

Maybe you really despise writing with a pen and paper.  It takes such a long time.  Then write them an e-mail, send them a text, or send them a message through social media.  Whatever you want, just share Jesus with them today.

I have been feeling the call from God to share Jesus more.  This call is about writing my story and sharing my life with you.  I am excited to announce that next week I am launching a new blog.  This will be a blog about choosing faith over fear and the struggles I have had through my life with many different types of fears.  This new blog is my way of sharing Jesus every day with you.  If you’ve ever been a slave of fear, then this blog is for you.  I want you to know that you are not alone, but also to encourage you to overcome each and every fear with the help and power of Jesus Christ.

Once the new site is up and going, I will share with you the website address.  I’ll continue blogging here on KidMin Days, too, so you can still get ideas for your ministry!

Now go on and write that letter, e-mail, message, or text today.  Jesus needs to be shared!


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