5 Books to Read in 2018

I love to read.  If you look at my bookshelves you would be able to see that I love books!  2017 was a great year of reading.  I have read the following books and highly recommend you add them to your reading list for 2018! Fervent:  A Woman’s Battle Plan for Serious, Specific, and Strategic […]

Favorite Books of 2016

This has been another great year of reading!  I love books and I especially love the encouragement I receive from the Lord by reading the books He has written through these wonderful authors. Check out my favorite books of 2016: Come With Me:  Discovering the Beauty of Following Where He Leads   by: Suzanne Eller As […]

My Favorite Books of 2015

For me, 2015 was a year of seeking God.  At the beginning of the year I had this strong desire to listen and soak up everything I could from the Lord.  I wanted to hear and feel God.  I wanted to experience His Presence every single day.  I wanted to just be with God. One […]