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voice changer app
Voice Changer Plus app on iPhone

This morning I was trying to think of a fun way for the kids at church to memorize a Bible verse.   I read in a book by Tina Houser called Hiding the Word in My Heart, to have the kids record themselves saying the verse.  I thought that was great idea.  Then I thought it would be even more fun if there was an app that could change their voice to sound different while they said the Bible verse.  So, I got out my iPhone and did a quick search of voice changer apps.  The first one I found was free and is so much fun!  It’s called Voice Changer Plus.  I had fun recording myself saying the Bible verse for the month of November (yes, I’m thinking ahead).

This app has many different voices that you could do:  robot, helium, underwater, turtle, in a crowd, applause, echo, and so many more.   My favorite one is Darth Vader.   You do have the ability to save them, but there are only about 5 voices that you can use if you want to save them.  In order to save your voice with the many other sounds, you must make a purchase, but I believe the highest one is only 99 cents.

I know that the kids at church will love saying their Bible verses using this cool voice changer app!  I believe it will help to make the verse stick in their minds, too.  I had to pass along my  new find and I hope you are able to use it in your ministry, too.

What is your favorite app to use with helping kids memorize Scripture?

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