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It’s 6:45 am here in Georgia and I am up.  It’s my day off, but I can’t sleep in.  My brain is just churning.  I woke up several times in the night, one of them being around 4:45 when a text came into my phone.   I look over to see it’s a text from my nephew who is in college.  I had texted him last night, but  he didn’t respond until 4:45 am!  He had stayed up all Wed night to finish a project, went to sleep at 4:00 pm yesterday, slept through his alarm and was wide awake at 4:00 am!  I remember those days of staying up late to finish projects.

After reading his text a thought just popped into my head.  An idea I could use for the next Children’s Ministry workshop I am leading in November.  Why did I think of that now?  The last time I led a workshop I got the idea for it at 3:30 am when were camping!  Guess God likes to wake me up to give me these great ideas!

I decided to go ahead and get out of bed and begin my quiet time with God.  I am doing the Enjoy the Silence book by Duffy Robbins.  It’s an awesome devotion.  Every day when I read the Scriptures, I feel God speaking directly to me.  When I finish being silent before God, I like to get out my ear buds, turn on the music on my iPhone and worship.  Very cool to hear God also speak to me through his music.

The two songs I listened to this morning were “Oceans” by Hillsong United and “Write Yourwrite your story Story” by Francesca Battistelli.  These songs really speak to me, too.  While listening to these songs, I felt God telling me to share with all of you what I feel he wants me to do.  So  here goes…….I feel God telling me to write a book.  A book about my own story.   And that my friends was hard to share.  Why you say?  Well, because I have fears.  Fears of failure:  who wants to read my story?  who even cares?  what if no one wants to publish it?  what if all the publishers reject me?  So many thoughts of fear go into sharing this, but something I read last night had me wanting to share with you this morning.  I am reading the 2014 Christian Writers Market Guide.   In it there are short devotions by other Christian writers.  They are words of encouragement for all getting started in writing.  A devotion by DiAnn Mills spoke to me:

start“Your commitment to writing means getting started now.  Let others know you are entering into a new career”.


So, I’m letting  you all know that I am starting a book!  I’m taking on a new thing in addition to doing my full-time job as a Children’s Minister.  Finding the time to write has been hard, but this week God gave me an outline of my first book.  I say first because I believe there will be more!  I have found an exciting passion in writing.  Blogging has been a great start to writing.  I have to thank Janet Eriksson for that.  She’s one of the Prayer Ministers at our church.  When I told her over a year ago that I felt God calling me to write she told me to start a blog.  In the past year, I have so enjoyed writing!  I find so many things in my every day life that I want to share.  Jon Acuff calls this “blog manna”.  Such a great term for it, too!  God provides so many things for me to write every single day.  I really enjoy sharing with all of you through my blog.

As I begin writing this book, I ask for your prayers.  I have never written a book. I’m not a write your story 2skilled writer, but what I have found is that I don’t have to be.  God provides the words and I write.   Pray for me to make time every day to write, for me to hear God clearly, for words to flow easily, and that the words I write will be helpful to someone out there.  God knows who needs to hear my story.  In the words of Roddy Chong, “God, please be my agent.”  Open doors that I can’t see and let your light shine through me.  God is going to take care of all the details.  I have nothing to worry or fear.

Let’s go, Lord!!!

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7 thoughts on “Write Your Story

  1. Kara Martina

    Vanessa, You make everything so easy for KidsVenture which requires lots from your gifts, so writing a book (with God’s help, as in all things in your life!) should be a piece of cake! Go Girl & Go God!

  2. You go girl. You can do it!!!! And you will be so glad you did

    • Thank you, Trisha!! Hearing your story has inspired me!

  3. Glenys Nellist

    I mean God bless! !

  4. Glenys Nellist

    Good bless you in this new venture Vanessa! Let him take the pen and write through you.

    • Thanks Glenys!! I will be ordering your book very soon!

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