Duck Dynasty Night

All kids love Duck Dynasty so we made a fun theme night of it church!  Here are some of our ideas:


I used camo burlap (found at Dick Sporting Goods) for a backdrop.  I hung them from the walls, and covered small tables with them.  A friend of mine used to be a duck hunter.  He let me borrow his decoy ducks so I displayed those on the tables and around the hall as well.  (My friend even came dressed as Phil for the night.  He looked just like him!).  I hung Duck Dynasty posters on the wall and used all the fake trees I could find in the church to give it the feel of being in the woods.  The best decoration was the life size Willie Robertson cut out!  Our local Wal-Mart has this cut-out of him in the Vision Center.  All I did was call the manager of the Vision Center and he allowed us to borrow it for the day.  So cool!  The kids really enjoyed the decorations.


On the tables I put out 2 clear drink dispensers, one filled with lemonade and the other with sweet tea (I labeled them Willie’s lemonade and Uncle Si’s sweet tea).  We also had a plate of camo cupcakes (called Jase’s camo cupcakes), which kids got to eat in their classes.  I found the recipe for these cupcakes on Pinterest and asked a friend to make them.  They were really whoopie pies made with camo colored cake batter and icing in between. They were so yummy and were a big hit with the kids!



I also like to incorporate a fun game that goes along with the theme into the class nights.  The Pre-K and Kindergarten classes went on a duck hunt.  We hid paper ducks around the church and they got to search for them.  They really enjoyed that!

Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders played “Capture the Duck” (just like Capture the Flag but with a duck instead).  Kids really get into the night more when special games are played that relate to the theme.

After the night was over, we had to tear it all down.  We share space with our MMO/Preschool and we can’t keep all of our decorations up.  It’s kind of sad having to tear it all down when you worked so hard to put it all up the day before.  But, you know what??  I would do it every Sunday if I had to.  Why??  I do it for the kids.  To see the smiles on their faces as they enter is just priceless.  They get excited about the decorations and really have fun.

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One thought on “Duck Dynasty Night

  1. Tammy Hardin

    I was so glad to have visited downstairs Sunday evening! I came with a Mom from our Women’s Spiritual Growth Group while she gathered her little DUCKS! I can’t begin to tell you what a blessing you (Vanessa) and your helpers are not only to the Body but are especially to the children. My comment as I walked into the children’s floor was…WOW! I feel like I’m on a different planet! It was wonderful and the kids were so excited to be there. Thank you for being the hands and heart (and imagination) of our King Jesus.

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